Om oss


  • The Company and Management

    Food Partner As was founded in 2012 by Sokrates Kalenderidis, who first began fully with wholesaling in Norwegian market supplying mostly smaller restaurants .In 2016 the company made a new step forward and started its own production facility in which now employs 15 fulltime employees. And focuses primary on quality meat products. And its unique in Norwegian market ¨Doner Kebab¨ .

  • Our Product

    We offer quality products in many varieties  ranging from Turkish Doner kebab to more unique products such Vegan Doner Kebab . Our customers are healthconscious, communityoriented people who enjoy quality products.  Our main focus is on creating products that people can enjoy and can’t wait to taste again.

  • Our Competitive Advantages

    While there are other production facilities in Norway with many years of experience. Food Partner was the first to bring Doner Kebab into the Norwegian market. This is our primary sellingpoint. Additionally, our market research and understanding has shown a demand for a better and more quality based options.